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What if … NOT? Remedy: Counterfactual!!!

Inspired by INSPIRE https://learn2inspire.eu and … Lodz Film Heritage

It is 1981, Krzysztof Kieślowski is right now directing the film ‘Blind chance’ (Przypadek).
Its main character – Witek, a medical student from Łódź in central Poland, decides to leave university for a year and go to Warsaw after his father’s death. He arrives late at the station – the train has already started moving. From here, his story plays out in various directions depending on whether he catches the train or not. 

What if … YES?

What if … NOT?

40 years later we all ask questions of the same kind (deliberately ignoring grammar:) especially in January when everyone tends to reflect upon the past and make resolutions (affectionately known as New Year’s hallucinations:) for the future.

What if … I tell you we do not need to rely on blind chance any more to receive the answers? There are tools available to measure possible alternative scenarios useful for leaders willing to evaluate the impact of the actions undertaken within their organisations. They can easily learn what would have happened in the absence of interventions carried out, which might facilitate further strategic decisions.

The solution is: INSPIRE Training course addressed for Third Sector professionals focused on Social Innovation, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Volunteering Management, Impact Evaluation & Measuring Results, Collaboration & Design of Social Campaigns … and many more like power of counterfactual!!!, storytelling, networking. 

Just explore www.learn2inspire.eu, use and enjoy.

Anna Ziemecka-Poteraj 

36,6 Competence Centre based in Łódź